V-Day Dinner

We love Rufus Wainwright and Philadelphia, so it was a no-brainer when we saw he was playing a solo show at the Kimmel Center on Valentines. Eating out in Philly is so much fun– there are so many affordable BYOB places. If there were such a BYOB culture in DC, I’m sure we’d eat out more often (than never…). Since we’re not old hands at eating out, we didn’t even think about the complications V-day would add. Our regular place (La Viola) was all booked up, and they were only serving a prix fixe menu for $45!! The menu didn’t even include veal– what we were looking forward to. Usually we spend less than $45 on both of us, so no way were we going to spend $90 for pasta…

… instead we spent $76. Oh well, we tried. We ended up at another small italian BYOB (Porcini). We both had delicious first courses (baby greens served with pear & gorganzola on one plate and calamari on another… guess which one Mister had…), but the main courses disappointed. My ravioli were no better than those from the Italian Store, and there was nothing special about the creamy cheesy sauce. The cannelloni were better, but for $19? Not worth it. Everyone was nice, and it was a cozy little place. I’ll assume they jacked up their prices for the day, and that their regular menu has some tastier options. But I doubt we’ll be back.

Rufus was awesome, of course. Martha… not so much. She’s like nails on a chalkboard. The Kimmel Center was really cool; very similar to Strathmore, actually.

Afterwords we sat at the bar at Monk Cafe and went through most of their beers on tap at the front bar. Mister would remember them better, but I know there was a white beer, a flemish sour ale, and a Christmas ale involved. The frites were delish, but probably not the wisest choice at midnight. Love Monks. Fantastic overnight trip.


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