Ginormous Strimps*

One of our favorite Philadelphia activities is wandering the Reading Terminal Market. The Dutch Eating Place is one of my top two favorite breakfast places anywhere. Even though we were there on a Sunday (thus no Amish b-fast), it was still fun to walk around. S. likes to browse the fish stands to look at fish heads and all the huge shrimp. This time we actually bought some (shrimp, not fish heads) and transported them home packed in ice from the hotel. Even though there were others that were larger, only one stand’s variety was from North America, so at least our choice was easy.

They were awesome! S. did all the work; deveining (big shrimp = big veins… yuck!), de-footing (?), basting with BBQ sauce, and broiling. There’s no recipe- that’s pretty much it. He left the shells on, but made sure to rub the sauce underneath. They marinated a bit, and then were popped under the broiler for about 2 minutes on each side. A spritz of lime juice finished the dish. I made a red beans and rice recipe from Epicurious, which I would do again. This really came together deliciously. Really great weeknight dinner.



* Calling shrimp “strimps” comes from one of my college roommates. It’s stuck for all these years!

** Also, I realize that I called these “cajun shrimp” on the menu… we were considering a different prep, but ended up going with the BBQ sauce, instead. We also had the Arrosoir rose, which was slated (heh) for Wed night. Crazy!!



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6 responses to “Ginormous Strimps*

  1. Craig

    How big are these strimps? Could they be considered prawns?

    This post perfectly illustrates the differences between “cooking” food (what you all do) and “preparing” food (what I do). I’ve made red beans and rice and strimps at my place, but I use the Zattaran’s red beans and rice mix in a box and I buy a 2lbs bag of frozen strimps (deveined, but I’ve got to de-foot them) from Harris Teeter for $10 with my VIC card. The difference in prep time is probably not that big, save the deveining part, but the big difference here is in the freshness and probably quality. You also get bonus points for having the red beans on rice on a Monday. Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez!

  2. anyazs

    From shoulder to tail, they were about 7 inches, maybe? Meaty part was about 4 or 5 inches? I tried to take a picture of them next to Rufus & Chola for a size reference, but I almost lost my dinner.

    According to Wikipedia there’s a biological difference between shrimps and prawns… but I think “prawn” is used generally to refer to large shrimps? I’ve never really understood the difference. Prawn sounds classier, too.

    The rice & beans didn’t take very long, either, and since I was home all day Monday, it wasn’t a big deal. They’re definitely something that could be made over the weekend and heated up on a weeknight quicker than you can say Zattaran’s. There’s nothing wrong with bags of frozen shrimps… if you can, try to buy those from North America. They’re more ecologically raised.

  3. Inge

    The red beans & rice recipe looks good – will have to try it. Also, I like the new referring term! 🙂

  4. anyazs

    Good! S is much easier to write, too. He seemed lukewarm about it, but tant pis pour lui!

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