Red Cabbage & Apple Casserole

Why? Red cabbage was another Reading Terminal Market purchase. Not being in the mood to do a snausage and cabbage, I found this recipe in a vegetarian cookbook. All the flavors were intriguing.

Ingredients? red cabbage, onion, fennel, tart (I used granny smith) apples all chopped and mixed together with caraway seeds (of rye bread fame) and tossed with plain yogurt and creamed horseradish. The recipe says to serve with lots of crusty rye bread.

How did it go? Not a weeknight meal! I rushed rushed rushed and it took me 40 minutes to chop & mix & get it in the oven. Now it’s cooking for and hour and a half! My rye bread isn’t feeling all too fresh, either. It does smell good, though…

Well, how did it taste? Blah, ick, and yucko! Def not doing this recipe again! All the ingredients were blended together and baked at a low temp (300) in a single casserole dish. I should’ve seen this coming! The apples were mush, all the color from the cabbage leached to everything else, leaving a pale purple tint to the whole dish. Yuck yuck yuck.

Final verdict? I stand my initial assessement of the flavors. I would do this again, but with a different prep. Perhaps saute the onion & carroway in olive oil (there’s NO oil in the original recette!), hard stir fry red cabbage, add apples at the end. Perhaps finish it with horseradish, or serve with a yogurt sauce. I just can’t even imagine this recipe was tested, it was so aweful! Seriously. But I won’t abandon the idea altogether…


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  1. Craig

    Red cabbage & apple casserole FAIL

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