Poulet au gratin a la Savoyarde

… is the real name for this recipe. We had too much fun on Friday night, so we missed the market on Saturday morning. This recipe was too appealing to wait for next week, so we just bought a free range organic bird from Harris Teeter. Promise to get a local chicken for the next time.

The recipe leaves out a lot… like, how to roast the little guy. I just seasoned with salt and pepper and cooked breast down in a 425 oven for 15 minutes, then another 40 or so mintues with the breast up. The sauce made twice as much as needed, but it was really tasty (a pint of cream will do that). We ended up not having tarragon (which, if you’ve ever seen the size of our spice rack, is pretty crazy) so we used thyme instead.

Since we don’t have home roasted chicken very often, I missed the delicious crackled skin. This was all fancy sauce hiding perfectly cooked meat. Next time we’ll be keeping it simple.

S’s wine pairing, a rousette, was perfect. A very clean white that not only washed down but also stood up to the super rich creamy sauce.


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