Broccoli Calzone (+ pizza dough recipe)

This recipe if from Martha Stewart’s Everyday Foods. I used to borrow my sister’s copy (before I had a brief subscription… which reminds me that I should renew… its not a bad little magazine), anyway, I would write down whatever I liked on index cards. I remember on the page in the magazine, there were instructions on how to freeze the raw calzone and then cook it while it was frozen. Of course  that part of the page never made it to the index card. I can even see it… a small text bubble perhaps floating on the upper right hand corner of the page… just… can’t… see… what it says!

Having to improvise, I put the frozen calzones on a parchment paper covered baking stone in a 400 degree oven and planned on an hour for everything to get warm and toasty before LOST starts. It turned out reasonably well. There was good flavor in the filling and the crust. It could have used an egg wash (or maybe just a brush of olive oil), and there was a lot of liquid that oozed. But that’s fine… it’s a vampiric look. It was served with some salad and a lovely marinara sauce.013

Other variations: I only made 4; they didn’t seem nearly large enough when the dough was divided in 8 pieces. There was a little too much filling, so they’re all a bit bloated. Also, no parm cheese, obvs.

For the pizza dough, I used my Aunt Evelyn’s recipe which follows after the jump.

Aunt Evelyn’s Awesome Pizza Dough

Combine 1 cup of water (115-120 degrees) with 1 packet of instant yeast. Let that sit while you mix 2.5 cups of flour  (this time I used a mixtue of all purpose and white whole wheat) with 1 tsp of salt. Add the yeasty water to the salty flour and combine. Turn onto the counter and knead 5-7 minutes. Cover and let rise (I have a very warm oven pilot, so that’s where my yeasty doughs rise) 2 hours. Punch down (just pull the shaggy dough away from the sides of the container) and loosely cover for 15 minutes. Now it’s ready to either use in the recipe above, make a pizza, or put it in the freezer or the fridge.

I just typed this from memory… that’s how much I use this recipe!



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2 responses to “Broccoli Calzone (+ pizza dough recipe)

  1. Inge

    I forgot about this recipe! Thanks for the reminder. This might make an appearance on our own menu this week.

  2. anyazs

    For what it’s worth, mine were way too light on the dough. I’d either double the Evelyn dough recipe or half the filling. If you’re using store dough, though (and Trader Joe’s isn’t bad), maybe there’s enough for a full recipe? Although he was too polite to say, S definitely did not like the filling to dough ratio. He was not too polite to say, however, that he would prefer a different green in the filling.

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