Zuke cakes

Our black beauty zucchini seeds arrived in the mail the other day, and I was so disappointed when I calculated that we still have to wait a few weeks to plant them. Maybe that’s why this recipe was on the mind when brainstorming what to do with a leftover zuke bought for last week’s cous cous casserole. It’s a faux-crab-cake recipe that comes from Kim O’Donnel’s Post blog, and it’s brilliant in the summer when there are more zucchinis than you know what to do with. Enough of big stews and root veggies… maybe this reminder of summer is just the thing we need when there’s a big snowstorm?

Remind me I said that in August when I’m sick of eating zuke cakes and zuke bread and fried zuke and stewed zuke and zuke casserole!

Recipe after the jump…



Other notes: Typo in step 4.; I meant to say “mix wet  dry (2. & 3.)” but I’m too lazy to redo it. Also, this does not need to be deep fried; a shallow fry will do the trick. 

Serve with tartar sauce and a salad.



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4 responses to “Zuke cakes

  1. Craig

    Awesome display of the recipe information here. I was considering doing something similar to a recipe I wrote down the other day. Tufte would be proud!

  2. anyazs

    That’s how I have it written on the notecard, and it works so well for this recipe. I like to read very detailed instructions on recipes, but when I’m cooking, I just want a skeleton that’s easy and quick to reference. Ok… now what I want is a database of recipes from which I can print reports in a “long” format while researching/sharing with others and a “cooking” format to have on the counter while cooking…

  3. Craig

    I’ll start on those requirements right away. This is going to be a RUP project, correct?

  4. anyazs

    Ooh, I’m all about requirements. Once we get to use cases, though, my enthusiasm dies off… RUP requires a certain level of stamina. I think it was created to weed out the faint-hearted.

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