Steak with simple red wine sauce

There’s been a lot of talk out there about eating down pantries and fridges (Mighty Appetite, IFA, Bitten, to name a few) which inspired us to finally investigate what lurks in the very back of the freezer. After looking past a lot of frozen veggie and meat scraps, old bananas, and gulab jamun, we found two ribeye steaks from Wegmans. Based on the old expiration date, they’re probably not ancient, but definitely old enough that we had forgotten about them.  Keep reading for a vague recollection of what we did…

S cooked them in butter in our new pans (yay!). When they were cooked, he put them on a plate to rest, and continued the red wine sauce in the pan. First he added some chopped shallots and cooked them in the pan drippings, and then added some good gluggs of old red wine. He realized it wasn’t going to thicken on its own, so I sprinkled in a little flour. By the time the alcohol was cooked off, the sauce was thickened and ready to go! It didn’t need any salt & pepper because there was enough that ran off from the meat.

Being out of potatoes, we failed again at potato dauphinois. Beau regard sweet potatoes from Philly took its place. They were fingerling sized, gnarly little guys, perfectly sized to be cooked whole. We pricked them a few times, and roasted them with some s & p in a 400 degree oven until a fork pierced them easily. The most delicious sweet potatoes ever. The insides were so creamy, and kind of pulled away from the skins. Biting into them, it was like biting into individually wrapped buttery mashed sweet potatoes.


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