Savory Crepes

012What: For Sunday brunch, we rolled up crepes with steamed tiny asparagus spears, thinly sliced ham, and a light spread of tapenade.

Why: I was in the mood to try out crepes in our new frying pan, but didn’t feel like anything sweet. In France, the only savory crepes that I remember sidewalk vendors selling is ham & cheese (or just cheese). Eventually, we remembered a Wegman’s magazine recipe for ham, asparagus, tapenade wraps and used that for our inspiration.

Result: I was surprisingly pleased. It would be fun to have a group over for brunch and set out a bunch of different fixings for everyone to fill their own. What about sliced up grilled portabello mushrooms, roasted red pepper, chorizo sausage, baby spinach, lots of different cheeses, maybe even scrambled eggs??

Crepes instructions follow…

(makes 6, 8″ crepes)

1 egg; beaten
3/4 c milk
1/2 tb oil
1/2 c flour

Beat the liquids together and add the flour. Whisk out any lumps.

To cook: brush a 10″ skillet (don’t use non-stick) with oil. Make sure the sides are coated, too. When the pan is nice and hot (the oil should look liquidy, but should not be smoking), hold the pan off heat and pour in batter. Pour about 1/3 cup in the center-ish, turning and tilting the pan very quickly so the batter runs around in a circle, completely covering the bottom. Drop batter into any empty spots, but be sure not to add too much. There should only be a thin coating of batter on the pan.

Return to heat. After a couple minutes, use a rubber spatual to loosen the now crisp edge from the pan. Gently nudge the spatula under the crepe until the whole thing is loosened. Flip, and cook for another minute or so. Keep warm on a plate in the oven.


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