Corned beef and cabbage, Irish soda bread

0122Inspiration: It’s March 17th + article at Chowhound linked from Craftzine.

Complications: This should’ve been planned out earlier! I bought a brisket on Saturday, defrosted it, and got it in the brine right away. This afternoon I left work early and practically ran home to get it simmering. I used a 2.5 pound buffalo brisket because we like the market buffalo better than the beef. It is so nicely trimmed, not that much more expensive, has excellent flavor, and, besides, it’s good for you.

The Irish soda bread recipe comes from my mom (thanks, Mom!). I cut the recipe in half, and my dutch oven was probably a little too big for the job. The full recipe is posted below the jump.015

Verdict: Not too bad at all! I would consider making this a yearly tradition. The meat cooked down to practically nothing, so I would want to find a larger cut for next year (sadly, there was not even enough left for reubens). I added a few potatoes in with the cabbage, and I wouldn’t do that again– the potatoes were unpleasantly gritty compared to the cabbage. The meat was very tender and extra yummy with the horseradish sauce. Next year I want to try brining for a little longer. Oh, and it was not pretty, but what do you expect?

Mom’s Irish Soda Bread

Preheat:           325 degrees (place a covered dutch oven in oven)
Combine:         4 c flour
                            4 tb sugar
                            5 ts baking powder
                            1/2 lg box of raisins
Mix well:         1 egg
                            2 c milk
Combine:        wet mixture into dry until dough is shaggy
Prepare pan:  butter dutch oven and transfer dough to pan
Bake:                 covered, 55-60 minutes
Enjoy:               🙂


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