Veggie stock

Why: For the mushroom, kale, and barley soup + our veggie scraps were overrunning the freezer

How: I keep any stock-worthy veggie scraps in plastic bags in the freezer. The ends of onions and garlic, kale stocks, carrot peels and butts, old celery stalks, pea pods, mushroom stems… whatever. Usually I just toss them frozen into a big pot of water and let it simmer for an hour or so. I knew I wanted a really rich stock for the soup, so this time I roasted my scraps beforehand.

Result: I don’t know if it was the stock, or the fancy shitake mushrooms I bought at the farmers market, or just a really good recipe, but the soup was AWESOME. Seriously delicious. I’m going to give the stock credit! Recipes after the jump…

Veggie Stock

0050061. The scraps were arranged on baking sheets (see left) and roasted at 450, for about an hour total. During the last 30 minutes, I stirred frequently until everything was nicely browned but not black.

2. I scraped them out into a pot, and then poured some old wine (white/red) in the pan to scrap up the sticky bits. All that was added to the pan, as well.

3. I covered the scraps with water, and added black peppercorns & a bouquet garni (thyme twigs & bay leaf, tied with twine). I didn’t add salt so that I can adjust it for the particular recipe.

4. After simmering for about an hour, I strained out the chunkies, keeping the stock.


Mushroom, Barley, and Kale Soup
From the NY Times

* Sub fresh shitakes for dried porcinis.
* Use more stock to compensate for lack of mushroom water
* Sub white mushrooms for creminis
* I don’t know what 8-10 oz of kale is, so I just filled up the remaining space in the stock pot (a few very large handfuls)
* Used the pearl barley, not whole
* Used veggie stock (obviously) instead of chicken stock


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