Sweet Potato Frites

005S took most of the cauliflower for lunch, so I improvised a dinner of sweet potato fries and salad. I had bought the sweet potatoes at the market a couple weeks ago for a dinner that never got made. Afraid there wasn’t enough sweet potato, I also included a couple regular potatoes. I cut them all up into long sticks and rinsed them in water to get rid of the white potato starches, and then dried them thoroughly on a kitchen towel before shallow frying them in a 14″ skillet of olive oil. As evidenced by the picture, they did not fry very evenly, probably because I had the heat up too high and American Idol was distracting me in the living room. We tossed the fries in some fleur de sel Guerande and served them with a spicy ketchup/srirachi mixture. The salad was dressed with a balsamic vinagrette and tosssed with granny smith apples and sunflower seeds.


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