Strawberry Clafouti

texas-2009-035Why: Grandma and I completely changed our meal plan for my visit. Since she doesn’t cook very much anymore, I was charged with depleting items already in her pantry and fridge (which is a task that I really enjoy at home).  Gma invited over some friends one night for dinner, and my favorite brother (just kidding, Peter!) even came to eat.  I made a couscous casserole to use up some of the couscous, and for dessert I decided on a strawberry clafouti to use up some eggs.

What: The French clafouti is a custardy dish traditionally made with cherries, although I discovered it from Chocolate and Zucchini’s strawberry version.

Complications/alterations: The recipe calls for a blender, but all Gma had was a mini chopper. Although the almonds were ground up pretty good, they were not powdery by any means. Also, Gma discovered some mini tart shells in her freezer that needed a good use. I made 4 petit tarts for the ladies, one small dish for Jesse, and then the rest in a large casserole.

Result: They were pretty tasty in the little shells, but I think it was even better without the crust. The almond consistency didn’t make one bit of difference. I may have overcooked everything, but I actually liked it browned on top. I’ll definitely do that again.

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