Bon Appetit ruined my dinner

049What: Yukon gold wrapped fish

Why: I was borrowing a copy of Bon Appetit from a friend, and it looked pretty good. Such a nice presentation, and I’m really into yukon golds lately. The recipe did not appear complex in any way, so why not?

Changes: It calls for potatoes cut very thinly with a mandoline. Based on the picture and the amount of potato called for, I figured I could handle this without a mandoline and just use a knife.

Complication: I don’t think those jerks even tested this recipe before publishing! S thinks I shouldn’t be so harsh, but even though I did not follow their instructions to use a mandoline, I really feel like their recipe was flawed. My first potato slices were way too thick and just wouldn’t stay wrapped around the fish. I had a little more success using a vegetable peeler to mangle scant tissue paper-like potato shavings which did stick to the fish. Unfortunately, they also stuck to the pan. I cursed my way through the whole ordeal and will block this from my mind as soon as this post is up.

Result: It was edible, but I was not pleased. Poor marks on the recipe, and poor marks to HT on the fish (Not to dwell on the pessimism, but we bought it the day before using, and it was way stinky).

Mind-palate cleanser after the jump…



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