007Why: I snack a lot during the day at work. At night, dinner usually isn’t served until about 9, so after school snacks are a necessity.

What: I go through such phases, it would be useful to list out some ideas for reference during a rut. This is what’s on top of my head now. Mental note to add on. Suggestions are very welcome!

Jump through for the list…

Rice cake and cottage cheese: Only a Stockburger would understand. Cottage cheese on rice cakes with garlic salt. Tomato slice is optional. So delicious.

Crusty bread and olive oil: Drizzle oil on a plate with some kosher salt and pepper. Sponge up on crusty bread. This is in heavy rotation now that S has olive oil from work.

Nuts: Usually peanuts, though pistachios and almonds are tasty, too. Lately we haven’t had any nuts and I’ve been resorting to sunflower seeds.

Raw veggies with ranch dressing: Ranch dressing has a purpose in life and that’s to make celery stalks edible. Most frequently served with baby carrots.

Fruit: I got on a grapefruit kick for a while, but that stuff is really time consuming (I only like to eat the section without any skin or pith). Bananas with wheat germ has been bfast this week.

Rhymes with Sneeze-its: My processed food weakness. I haven’t bought a box in so long. I could at a whole box right now.

Popcorn: We pop corn on the stove in olive oil. Usually served spicy with salt, EVOO, paprika, cumin, coriander, and cayenne. Last time was so spicy, I couldn’t stop sneezing whenever I opened the tupperware. It was worth it.



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4 responses to “Snacks

  1. Craig

    This is something I know about! Most of my favs are processed in some way, but if you have just a few it’s not so bad. Right?

    1) Rice crackers – Smaller and more flavorful (seaweed, wasabi, etc.) than traditional rice cakes. Look for them in the “international” foods aisle @ HT.

    2) Pretzel chips w/ slices of goat cheese – Nuff said. Also found @ HT (in the deli area, next to the cheeses).

    3) Goldfish – When I feel like slumming it at snack time, these guys are a reliable friend. They come in crazy flavors now, but I stick with the traditional one.

    • anyazs

      Pretzel chips and goat cheese!?! That sounds just crazy enough to be awesome. And it reminds me that I totally forgot about cheese on the list! Oh man, this is making me hungry…

  2. Inge

    Here’s my list:

    1. snap pea crisps

    I stumbled upon these at TJ’s. They are delicious and go especially well with Fresh Whiskey Sours. I guess that pairing is best as an after school snack, not during work hours!

    2. white bean dip w/raw veggies or pita crisps

    Anya, get out of the ranch dressing rut! That stuff is gross if you really think about it. Seriously. Spend a few minutes just thinking about bottled ranch dressing and its consistency. Go on. Now, aren’t you thoroughly grossed out? Make white bean dip! So much tastier!

    3. peanut butter on ritz crackers

    4. ice-cold chocolate soy milk

    This is the best mid-morning snack ever. It has to be ice-cold.

    Other snacks that are consumed in my household (not necessarily by me):

    tostitos scoops & salsa
    baby carrots and hummos
    a green apple, sliced
    pepper jack cheese w/any kind of cracker

  3. anyazs

    Ok, ok, ranch dressing is kind of gross. And it has a funny aftertaste… but sometimes it really hits the spot!
    Good ideas! I still haven’t tried those snap pea crisps… I’ll have to remember for the next TJ trip.

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