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Garlic Scapes

025What: Garlic scape (the flowering stem of the garlic plant) sauteed in butter and served on slices of baguette.

Why: While weeding the garden this weekend I noticed this new part of the garlic plants. My books all said they should be cut to encourage bulb growth, and although they didn’t say anything about eating them, I do remember them from my first CSA pick-up years ago (it took a while to make the connection… but I got it!). The meal plan was already set (otherwise I would’ve tried a pesto, or something more exciting), so we had them as a mid-afternoon snack.

029Result: Good! S was skeptical but he was quickly overcome. And how satisfying to use another part of the plant.

Next year: I definitely want to try a scape pesto; they’re green and super garlicky… totally perfect. They should probably be picked sooner, too. They were a little on the fibrous side.

Recipe: Cut up some garlic scapes into 1/4″ – 1/2″ pieces. Saute in butter over medium heat until well browned (almost 10 minutes). Season with salt and pepper and serve on slices of baguette.



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May 23, 2009


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May 16, 2009

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Garbanzos con Espinacas

011What: Jose Andres’ Moorish-style Chickpea and Spinach Stew

Why: S heard this piece on All Things Considered. I didn’t understand the why until I listened to it… how could you listen to that and not want to make Garbaaaanzos con Espinacas!!

Result: Wow. The recipe struck me as fussy, but the end result was really good. I didn’t make it, so I can’t say if any step was unnecessary. We have so many chickpea dishes in our repertoire, we really weren’t in the market for another, but this is too good not to make again.

The recipe is online, so I won’t repete it. If we ever make changes to it, I’ll write a new post.

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May 9, 2009

WARNING: The following meal plan contains wild speculation about the Lost Season 5 Finale!



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Garden 2009 – Rabbit Deterence

The garden officially started a couple months ago, and we had our first harvest last week – baby greens used for a salad. My intention was to use this space to keep track of garden planting and harvests, but so far not so good. Click through for a timeline as I remember it (including the saga of my spinach vs. the neighborhood rabbit)… Continue reading

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0211Why: There were some posts at the Internet Food Association and an article at Slate that prompted the effort + it was rainy this weekend

What: Everything-we-have bagels (poppy seed, onion, and salt)

Result: Unlike other recent experiments, we know a little something about bagels so we were both pretty surprised that they came out so chewy and, well, bagel-like. They were downright delicious right out of the oven, and pretty darned good the next day. For next time, I’ll cut down the amount of sugar in the dough, put toppings on the bottom as well as the top (it’s the best part, so why not?), and maybe turn up the heat just a touch higher so they start to brown sooner. I have a feeling these will become a staple in our house.

I won’t type out the recipe; I used the Jo Goldenberg’s Parisian bagel recipe linked to from the Slate article. Click through for more pictures. Continue reading


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