Mint Julep

015Why: Derby day! + our wild mint is growing full force

What: Mint + bourbon + sparkling water + sugar

Result: We’re not cocktail people. In fact, this is probably my first mint julep. I didn’t know what to expect, but it’s surprisingly tasty! Like a lightly sweet adult iced tea.

Recipe to follow.

Mint Julep
(from somewhere on the Washington Post, but I can’t find the exact version again…)

In a tall glass muddle 6 mint leaves, 1 ts sugar, and 2 ts sparkling water. Fill the glass with ice (preferably crushed). Pour over 1 1/2 ounces of bourbon (we used Elijah Craig 12 year old). Pour in some more sparkling water. Agitate with a spoon (or chopstick) until the glass is nice and frosty.



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3 responses to “Mint Julep

  1. craig

    Interesting take on the MJ. Traditionally a MJ is made with simple syrup instead of sparkling water and sugar. Sounds like the sparkling water make for a bubbly, lighter tasting drink, but I would not be able to get away with that in my house. It would cause a “cottage cheese instead of riccotta” situation. 🙂

    • anyazs

      I had no idea we were doing a Bastard Son of a Mint Julep! Today we tried it again but with simple syrup and something went terribly… terribly wrong. Alas, whether due to nature or nuture, I feel this Yankee household will never mix up a proper MJ!

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