Garden 2009 – Rabbit Deterence

The garden officially started a couple months ago, and we had our first harvest last week – baby greens used for a salad. My intention was to use this space to keep track of garden planting and harvests, but so far not so good. Click through for a timeline as I remember it (including the saga of my spinach vs. the neighborhood rabbit)…

Last fall (October ’08?): planted garlic cloves
February: Spread ~4 bags of compost/manure. Garlic starts to come up.







March 22: Plant spinach and baby greens seeds outside. Start tomatoes, cucumbers, and two types of hot peppers (ancho and thai) inside.
Aprilish: Start inside bean and melon seeds from last year. Below: baby greens, spinach, and garlic059062065 progress.







May 6: Harvest ~ 2 cups of baby greens. The rabbit ate down all the spinach!! It never got much bigger than the April picture. I put some bird netting over it to try to deter the bunny. It’s funny that he doesn’t touch the baby greens… just the tender spinach. Good thing he’s cute.







May 9: Plant outside beets (from market), lavendar, rosemary, parsely, basil, French thyme, English thyme, bush bean seeds, French radish seeds. Erect rabbit fence. Cute or no cute, he was nibbling through the bird netting, so I had to resort to drastic measures. The fence should be buried a foot in the ground, but after a couple hours of wrestling with the stuff I gave up. It’s more like a rabbit-welcoming-gate than a rabbit-proof-fence. If that rabbit has any pride whatsoever, he’ll go in an eat everything, even the baby greens. I also have no idea how I’m supposed to get into the garden, now, except leaning over the fence. This is going to be really ironic if the only person I’ve fenced out is myself.


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