Garden update

001The rabbit fence seems to have kept the little guy at bay. I waited patiently for the spinach to grow back from his feast, but nothing really happened and then it shot up all at once and grew flowers (I believe they call this bolting). I picked everything at once, and used the spinach in an omlette. All together there was a large bowl of leaves that cooked down to enough for a 4 egg omlette.003

Lettuce: Impressive yield! We’ve picked a very large salad for two, perhaps every other day for the past month. I suspect it’s going to all go bad soon, but this has been the most successful planting to date. For a $2.39 package of seeds, we’ve had the equivalent of probably 10 bags of grocery store salad, which are, what, $2.99 each… almost a $28 savings, and counting. Granted, the washing is very time consuming, but there are never any sketchy parts at the end of the bag because everything is fresh!

Click through for some pictures of the bunny…

Figures that the only day I have a camera in the yard the bunny is skittish. A few bigfootesque photos…


Also, I have no skill for embedding music or video, but this is what I would pair for this post about bolting spinach and bunnies!


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