5/9-6/9 Summary Report

019I’ve gotten so far behind with my meal result analysis! To get back on track, I’m posting this summary report so I can get on with my life! I’ve compiled my memory of the last 31 dinners. The micro data is posted after the jump. Here are some observations from my study:

* My recall is surprisingly good! I have no idea what I ate for only 3 nights over the past month (we had the pictured buckwheat pancakes with blackberries one of those nights… I just can’t remember which). The menus were essential, of course. I’m also surprised how well we’ve stuck to the menu (only 16% unplanned). I’m not sure S could say with certainty what he ate while I was in San Diego, but overall this has been very successful meal planning in uncertain times.

* For someone who fashions herself a homebody-never-eat-out-type, we eat out a lot! Only 55% percent of our last 31 diners were eaten at home with the two of us present. I would have guessed an eat-at-home rate more like 80%. Caveat: this time period covers an unusual amount of travel. I’d like to see some stats from a more representative month.

* I always thought I skewed negative in my result analysis, but only 13% of my reviewed meals had a pejorative rating (“Bad” or “Horrible!”). Caveat: As much as I tried to evaluate each dish, this kind of retroactive analysis alters the perspective. Without the falafel disaster of ’09 (compared to which anything would be considered good), would the lukewarm “Ok” ratings stand?

\Date Meal Result Again? Comments
6/8 Chicken, morel mushrooms Excellent! Yes! Excellent wine pairing (Vin de Paille)
6/7 Asian marinated grilled flank steak salad Good Yes Careful to cut against the grain
6/6 Evo Bistro Good ? Good lamb tapas
6/5 Falafel Horrible! Yes Follow the recipe! Ad hoc=disaster
6/4 Risotto pasta with peas and mushrooms Good Yes Good pantry/freezer meal
6/3 Asian noodle soup Good Yes Mark Bittman; good pantry
6/2 Spinach omlette Ok Yes Omlette tasty despite substandard garden spinach
6/1 Matchbox/Wegmans pizza Good! Yes! Both awesome pizzas in their own rights
5/31 Potato roesti & salad Excellent! Yes! Cook’s; only use yukon gold!; make family size
5/30 Margot Café (Nashville) Good No Very comfortable; appealing menu
5/29 Rotiers (Nashville) Good Yes Good (but not the best burger ever…)
5/28 Szechuan eggplant Bad No Eggplant either oil soaked or tough; need wok
5/27 Magic Gourd Good Yes! A pre-opera must
5/26 Can’t remember      
5/25 Eggplant parm Ok Yes? Surprisingly successful for last minute sub
5/24 BBQ (burgers etc) Ok Yes Company good, burgers serviceable
5/23 Chickpea pasta (Inge) Good! Yes! Very delish dinner chez I&J
5/22 ?      
5/21 Thai Coast Bad No Before opera event at Mie n Yu
5/20 ?      
5/19 Pho Good Yes Cook beef more
5/18 Indian/Home late from SD      
5/17 Indian/pizza      
5/16 ?/mexican catering at La Jolla      
5/15 ?/SD brew pub      
5/14 ?/airport food      
5/13 Tarte tatin a la tomate Ok Yes Crust too rich; use more toms; better tapenade
5/12 Cous cous casserole Good Yes  
5/11 Chick fil a Good! Yes! Columbia Mall before Merriweather concert
5/10 Spring greens pie Ok ? Pie crust ok; maybe phyllo better
5/9 ?/bulgur wheat salad Ok Yes Very healthy tasting (in a bad way)

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