Birthday ’09

015To sum it up:
Day 1 of bday extravaganza:
* Surprise cupcakes at work = awesome!
* Marrakesh = the worst! Inge says it best.

Day 2:
* Inge & Jeremy brought the party over (see pictured party to go).
* Italian Store pizza is eons better than that Morrocan-place-that-shall-not-be-named.
* It was so nice of the Pens to win for me, too!

Now I’m ready to go can jelly/raise chickens/transport lunch/listen to windchimes during the last year of “the salad days of my youth.” Thanks, everybody!



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2 responses to “Birthday ’09

  1. craig

    Sorry to hear it sucked. 😦 It is a strange place, but the food was always tasty when I went. Having said that, it’s been 6 or 7 years since I’ve been. The quality of the place may have slid in recent years, but the owner sounds the same.

  2. I mean, there must be a reason the place has been in business for so long! And on Yelp there are people who rave about the food… I don’t know, it was so strange! Oh well… at least it was memorable, right? 🙂

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