Sandwich bread

035What: White sandwich bread

Why: It’s always intimidated me. I remember trying it long ago and the result was a dense brick. Since then I’ve gotten better at yeast doughs, so it was time to give it another shot. Besides, the The Frugal Girl makes bread making sound so effortless (I did a white version of her recipe).

Special Equipment: The Frugal Girl also raves about these pans. If I was going to try this I needed to go all out. I hate adding more clutter to the kitchen, but I wanted no excuse for failure. Besides, there’s a Williams-Sonoma walking distance to the house and a $50 AmEx giftcard from Christmas that needed to be used.

Result: Wow! Not only delicious, but a good height and crumb, too! I had no confidence that it would rise as well as it did. As you can see from the picture, I think my shaping needs work, and I found a large errant air bubble in the other loaf, but this was an amazing result. I’m really glad I invested in the loaf pans.

Next time: Every week I have some new habit I’m going to start (getting to work early, cleaning the bathroom daily, making bagels), but this time I mean it! Never again will we buy sandwich bread! Well… unless I don’t get around to it… or it’s too hot… or Arnold bread is on sale….



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7 responses to “Sandwich bread

  1. Olivia

    Did it slice alright? I would love to see a PB&J on that gorgeous bread!

    • Yes, it sliced really well! It’s a little tough to keep the slices even, though… This bread would make an awesome PB&J! Thanks for the kind words 🙂

  2. So glad it worked out for you! Good job. 🙂

  3. Inge

    Those Chicago Metallic pans are really top-notch. I have their jelly roll pans and they are the best.

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