Beets, horseradish, and garlic

Garden Report June 13th:


We pulled the beets! I’ve bought bunches of beets before, but I didn’t realize that there’s only one beet per plant. I guess I never thought about it. We pulled them on the small side, and they were very sweet! I still have some seeds that I never planted, so I might sow some for the fall. Not sure if it’s worth the space, though.025021

In other garden news: The weed that looked suspiciously like horseradish… was horseradish. I love “weeds” that come up on their own. Also, we thought the garlice was ready… and it was not. The stalk just pulled out by itself, and S dug around to pull up this half-formed bulb. I honestly have no idea how we’ll know when to pull the rest. We also planted some zucchini and delicata squash seeds (which have since come up!).023


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