010I made some more granola. It got me thinking. I assume that anything I make from scratch will be cheaper and better for me than anything I buy pre-made in the store. This was an easy comparison to make; the recipe is simple with only a handful of ingredients.

Price comparison: It’s much cheaper to make homemade granola. Since my recipe uses honey (as opposed to other comparisons which use expensive maple syrup) it works out to about $3.54 for a batch, for about 27 1 ounce servings. Bear Naked from our local Giant is $5.19 for 11 (approximately) 1 ounce servings. That’s 3 1/2 times more expensive!

Nutional content: They’re about equal. According to NutritionData, each serving of my homemade recipe contains 129 calories, 7 grams of fat, and exactly the same vitamin content as Bear Naked.

Final Analysis: Points for being cheap, but I’m really surprised that there is no discernible nutritional difference between my granola and the store bought version.



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3 responses to “Granola

  1. Ellen

    mmm that looks so tasty!

  2. it is! and it’s so filling, too… when I skip bfast, I’m usually digesting myself by noon. When I have just a handful of this granola, I hold off until 1 or even 2. you should try some!

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