Grilled pizza

078What: Pizza cooked on the grill.

Why: It’s too hot to turn on the oven and too nice not to grill.

Complications: Last summer we tried grilling pizza once, and it was a disaster. We plopped the dough on a super hot grill, and then walked away! From inside, we saw that the whole thing had puffed up huge, and by the time we ran outside, it was a blackened mess. This year, we grilled a whole platter full of food, and then did the dough on dying embers. I also rolled it out very thick, afraid it would tear during the transfer.

Result: Overall, very good. The dough was way too thick, but the lovely crispy bottom saved it. Grilling the top side for a bit first meant that the sauce didn’t get absorbed like it normally does in the oven. I don’t see how it would cook through without that step, though.

Next time: Maybe not wait so long to put on the dough, and definitely roll it out thinner. It would be nice to get the sauce to absorb more, so the toppings don’t slid off so easily. Maybe the secret is to use less sauce than an oven pizza?



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7 responses to “Grilled pizza

  1. M

    Hey! I had never heard of grilled pizza until this weekend, and here you are making it! Wikipedia (source of all knowledge) says use strained sauce and ultra thin cheese and toppings (shaved scallions even) so maybe it’s all thin enough to absorb and not slide?

  2. I’m reading your mind, bwahaha 🙂 The sliding was unfortunate. The cheese definitely could’ve been sliced thinner, so maybe that’s the key!

    So did you have any grilled pizza this weekend, or was it just talked about?

  3. Ellen

    Posts like this make me so jealous! I wish I had a backyard, and a grill and the cooking skills to make pizza on said grill.

    Looks super yummy!

    • I’ll make you a pizza! Just call me when you’re around Baltimore and it’ll be ready by the time you get here.

      S used to grill on the sidewalk in front of his apartment in college, but I could see how that maybe wouldn’t fly in Brooklyn. You could always go to a park!

  4. Oh, you live in Baltimore? I’m very close to you, then!

    Definitely use less sauce than you would normally, and roll the dough thin. As I mentioned on my blog, I sometimes just use garlic oil and cheese, and then sprinkle it with fresh tomatoes. You just have to use a much lighter hand than you normally would when you make pizza.

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