Steamed pork dumplings

037What: Steamed pork dumplings

Why: The recipe only calls for 3 ounces of pork, so I wanted to try it when we have another pork recipe going on that I can steal a bit from. S remembered this when we planned the stuffed tomatoes.  Leftover won ton wrappers in the freezer were a bonus.

Result: Very good, if a little boring. A little too heavy on the bamboo shoots and could use some crunch (water chestnuts?). It made a perfectly light dinner for the two of us, though.

045Complications: We don’t have a steamer, so I use a metal mesh strainer that is just big enough to hang in a medium sized saucepan. Line it with a damp cloth napkin, some boiling water in the pan, add a lid, and it’s a makeshift steamer. I can’t fit very many in at a time, but it works.


Steamed Pork Dumplings aka Dim Sum
From Chinese: the essence of Asian cookingedited by Linda Doeser

For the dough I used won ton wrappers from the grocery store.

For the filling mix together:
3 ounces ground pork
3 tb canned chopped bamboo shoots (I’d use less next time; maybe 2 tb or less)
1/2 tb soy sauce
1 ts dry sherry (I used dry white wine)
1 ts light brown sugar 
1/2 ts sesame oil
1 ts cornstarch

To assemble, put “a little” in a wrapper (probably a teaspoon or two?). Dip your finger in some water and wet the edges of the wrapper. Pinch together the sides to form a little purse shaped dumpling (ours were a motley crew of various shapes). Line the steamer with a damp kitchen towel and steam the dumplings for 5-10 minutes (I used a thermometer to make sure the internal temp was at least 170 degrees). Don’t overcrowd the steamer or the dough will stick together and tear when you take them out. Serve with soy sauce.



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