Garden Update: August 2009

It’s definitely a mixed bag this year. I tend to focus on the negative, so let’s start with what’s going well:

016We started these babies from seed, and they actually grew into full grown plants that produced ripe red tomatoes! The early blight took the leaves, and I think that’s a sign of late blight on the stem, but who cares!


Green beans!

018These are from seeds we saved from a plant our neighbor gave us last year. This plant is a powerhouse; he produces beans under even the harshest conditions of August heat and our neglect*. Every morning I pick any long beans, and then we steam them whenever there’s enough (at least once a week).

* Edited to add: The views expressed in this post are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of other members of my household.

We have no idea what these are… but they’re tasty! I used 4 to make some refrigerator pickles last weekend, and they gave a nice spicy flavor. There are also a couple poblano peppers coming along… very… slowly… We planted some leftover pepper plants as decoration by the front door, and they’re even producing despite the poor light.

The one big pepper disappointment is the sweet peppers that someone at work gave me. They haven’t produced anything, although they were planted later than everyone else.

And now for the bad…

Zucchini, delicata squash, cucumbers
Let’s not dwell on this. The zukes, cukes, and winter squash showed early promise and then just died. It is very disappointing.

Where we could’ve gone wrong: we’re not consistent waterers, and we don’t really fertilize. There was good water in July, but then when Deluge ’09 tapered off we didn’t pick up the slack. We spread out some compost from last year, but that was mainly made from leaves so probably didn’t have whatever the plants needed. S is skeptical that any of this was our fault since other plants are doing fine.


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