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Meal Plan: September 26, 2009

So far… Mickie’s on Saturday was so much fun! She did such a great job with the food. The rasam reminded me of my mulligatawny recipe, but way better. She did these green beans which were totally fantastic. And the cauliflower was super good. I wish now that I had taken up on her offers for leftovers! S entertained a house guest with Pollo Rico, which of course was good.

On Sunday we grilled, and S’s buffalo burgers were very good. I had one for lunch today and it reheated surprisingly well. I forgot my bun, though, and ate it between two bunches of lettuce leaves– my Atkin’s lunch.

The white bean/kale/sausage soup was very simple. I followed no recipe; just through it together very quickly. Satisfying no-fuss weeknight meal. I also made the lasagne tonight to reheat for tomorrow (since I’ll be at pottery class). It’s looking fantastic, if I do say so myself. We’ll see what S and Houseguest Greg have to say, but I have high hopes.




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Meal Plan: September 19, 2009

Since I’m posting this so late, I can already report on the first two nights. Saturday’s dinner was the best meal we’ve had a long time. I magnanimously let S take the leftovers for lunch this morning, and have regretted it ever since.

The corn chowder was less chowdah and more soupy. Personally, I thought it was still tasty although other members in this household likened it to warmed milk (which, actually, would’ve been a compliment coming from the furrier crowd).


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Meal Plan: September 12, 2009


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Maine food is very patriotic; all red and blue. Here we have a lobster roll, lobster, fried clams, a Maine hot dog, and blueberry pie. Calder’s Clam Shack is on Chebeague Island and Becky’s is a diner in Portland where I had some excellent blueberry pancakes.

Lobster was only $3.75/lb at the market! We were going to bring some as a carry-on for dinner our first night home, but I don’t think I like lobster very much!

I had no idea Maine blueberries were so different from their New Jersey cousins. They’re teeny tiny with a more wild flavor. The pie was from a local farmers’ market and it may have been the most delicious pie ever.

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Meal Plan: September 5, 2009


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Meal Plan: Hiatus

grilled pizzaFor the first week of our hiatus, there was a plan, but it never made its way to the ardoise. For the second week, we were on vacation and have been working sans plan ever since <gasp>! From what I can remember of that first week…

stuffed poblanos


Aug 22, Sat: A- Asian green beans over rice, S- working in Philly
Aug 23, Sun: Grilled pizza (we had a wonderful result last time, but this was a near disaster! problem with the dough, mostly)
Aug 24, Mon: Stuffed poblano peppers with Lily’s grandmother’s cream sauce
Aug 25, Tues: Zuke cakes with salade de tomate
Aug 26, Wed: Black bean burritos
Aug 27, Thurs: Salade de tomate, ? (perhaps another hummus dinner? see next week) 
Aug 28, Fri: Vacation!

scrapsSince we’ve been back:
Sep 2, Wed: Asian green beans over rice with salade de tomate
Sep 4, Thurs: Hummus, toasted pita, carrots & zucchini, basil/garlic/olive oil orzo
Sep 5, Fri: Herbed omlette with bacon and toast

It’s Labor Day, so I’ll post a new plan on Monday. In the meantime, I’m putting up some food pictures from our trip.


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