Meal Plan: Hiatus

grilled pizzaFor the first week of our hiatus, there was a plan, but it never made its way to the ardoise. For the second week, we were on vacation and have been working sans plan ever since <gasp>! From what I can remember of that first week…

stuffed poblanos


Aug 22, Sat: A- Asian green beans over rice, S- working in Philly
Aug 23, Sun: Grilled pizza (we had a wonderful result last time, but this was a near disaster! problem with the dough, mostly)
Aug 24, Mon: Stuffed poblano peppers with Lily’s grandmother’s cream sauce
Aug 25, Tues: Zuke cakes with salade de tomate
Aug 26, Wed: Black bean burritos
Aug 27, Thurs: Salade de tomate, ? (perhaps another hummus dinner? see next week) 
Aug 28, Fri: Vacation!

scrapsSince we’ve been back:
Sep 2, Wed: Asian green beans over rice with salade de tomate
Sep 4, Thurs: Hummus, toasted pita, carrots & zucchini, basil/garlic/olive oil orzo
Sep 5, Fri: Herbed omlette with bacon and toast

It’s Labor Day, so I’ll post a new plan on Monday. In the meantime, I’m putting up some food pictures from our trip.



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4 responses to “Meal Plan: Hiatus

  1. Ellen

    All of that looks super delicious and now I’m hungry…Thanks!…
    Whats the cream sauce recipe from Lilly’s gma?

  2. Inge

    What’s the hummos dinner exactly? Do you put the raw, shredded zuke in pitas with hummos? And also, yeah, post Lily’s gma’s cream sauce recipe!

  3. Inge

    Oh, and can you also post the recipe for your Asian green beans?

  4. The hummus dinner is just a spread of various things. Hummus + dippers (one night we had carrot sticks and raw zucchini sticks), pita breads toasted (I toast them in the toaster 1/2 at a time), and whatever odds and ends you can find. I finished off a 3/4 used box of orzo one night and mixed it with olive oil and garlic and basil. We’ve been having a lot of salade de tomate to finish the garden tomatoes (sliced tomato sprinkled with good salt… sel de guerande, if we have it… and pepper). Sometimes we’ll have grilled eggplant.

    I’ve been wanting to put up something about Lily’s gma’s stuffed poblano’s, so I’ll try to get to it this week. It was something S remembers very fondly from San Miguel.

    Asian greens beans are a pretty haphazard affair over here (basically green beans sauteed with soy sauce and then improvised). It’s inspired by one of my college roommates, Angela. I’ll try to officialize it into written form… call me if you want ideas sooner than that!

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