Meal Plan: September 26, 2009

So far… Mickie’s on Saturday was so much fun! She did such a great job with the food. The rasam reminded me of my mulligatawny recipe, but way better. She did these green beans which were totally fantastic. And the cauliflower was super good. I wish now that I had taken up on her offers for leftovers! S entertained a house guest with Pollo Rico, which of course was good.

On Sunday we grilled, and S’s buffalo burgers were very good. I had one for lunch today and it reheated surprisingly well. I forgot my bun, though, and ate it between two bunches of lettuce leaves– my Atkin’s lunch.

The white bean/kale/sausage soup was very simple. I followed no recipe; just through it together very quickly. Satisfying no-fuss weeknight meal. I also made the lasagne tonight to reheat for tomorrow (since I’ll be at pottery class). It’s looking fantastic, if I do say so myself. We’ll see what S and Houseguest Greg have to say, but I have high hopes.




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3 responses to “Meal Plan: September 26, 2009

  1. Inge

    What was Rickie’s on Saturday?

  2. My friend invited some folks over for an indian food feast! She made a ton of food, and everything was so delicious.

    In case you’re wondering, S and our houseguest ordered in Pollo Rico so they could have a guy’s night of wine business talk.

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