S is out of town and I’m loading up on cheese.

When I lived alone, I used to have what I called poor man’s raclette on a regular basis. Basically, a plate of potatoes used as a vehicle for large amounts of pepper jack and called raclette to justify it as a proper dinner. This time, I splurged on real raclette cheese, and gave it a zap in the microwave to melt it a bit (I also cooked the potatoes in the microwave). The plate was finished with some leftover prosciutto, but the salad greens were too inedible to include. Good stuff.

Tonight, I’m having a greek salad; romaine hearts, cherry tomatoes, olives, red onion, and lots of crumbled feta with a red wine vinaigrette.

I’ll also pick up some sandwich bread for grilled cheeses, which will be good for post happy hour Friday dinner. I haven’t bought sandwich bread in a long time (guess that new habit worked out, huh?), but the only homemade bread I have left is filled with sunflower seeds and oats- completely inappropriate for a grilled cheese!

I have a couple more dinners before S returns… what other cheese dishes should I make? Anything cheesy you’ve been wanting to try out, but haven’t had the time?

PS– S, I really do miss you, and would gladly give up my cheesy dinners to have you home earlier!



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5 responses to “Cheeseapalooza

  1. Craig

    Fondue! Mac’n Cheese!

  2. I was thinking about mac and cheese, but I don’t have a set recipe. Does anyone have any good cheesy noodle recipes?

    And we do have a fondue pot we’ve never used, and that can be particularly stinky… excellent ideas…

  3. Inge

    Make the pot-kale casserole, but with the swiss cheese that the recipe calls for…

    • Excellent idea, also.

      I ended up cooking so many other things, that dinner was a total afterthought. Filled up mostly on cookie dough, chocolate ganache, and bread.

      Alright, next time S is out of town, I’m having a cheese fondue party!

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