Les Ardoises Gifts 2009

Les Ardoises really made out this year with food preparation themed gifts! Raclette grill, slow cooker, vegetarian grilling cookbook, Culinaria France, apron, Bon Appetit (we’ll overlook the incident), fancy wine opener, …and the unlinkable magnetic chalk holder!

I believe it was even constructed (at least partially) from old Gourmet magazines. So awesome, words can’t even describe…

Thanks to everyone for such thoughtful gifts!



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6 responses to “Les Ardoises Gifts 2009

  1. oh man! proudly displayed and everything! old gourmet and vegetarian times magazines!

  2. Ellen

    Oops. That was me, not you… obviously

  3. Craig

    If Les Ardoises ever wants to start merchandising itself, I can see les ardoises and chalk holder gift sets flying off the shelves at http://www.etsy.com.

    Great apron, btw. I think C-an would cook more if she knew she could wear an apron from Anthropologie.

    • Haha, that’s a great idea. Who doesn’t need a chalkboard and chalk holder gift set? It’s the gift for someone who has everything.

      It’s a very stylish apron. I think it even made dinner taste better.

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