Happy New Year

It’s not New Years without black eyed peas, collard greens, and corn bread…

Over New Years dinner, Les Ardoises discussed our 2010 goals. Among them are, of course, several related to food and meal planning, which I’d like to keep track of here. Writing posts will help me to honestly evaluate how we’re progressing towards the goals, I like having a permanent record, and I’ll probably need feedback from you.

The list is long, so I’ll post a second installment tomorrow. For now, here’s our focus for January:

January: Waste Less Food

We’re very happy with our composting, but we’d rather not have food waste to add to the bin. We plan our meals pretty carefully, so where does our food waste come from? We think it’s a mixture of bits and bobs left over from a recipe (1/2 can chipotle peppers, 2 ounces cream cheese, etc), leftovers of something that wasn’t very good, and salad that expires too quickly. We already try to plan meals around the bits and bobs, but sometimes they get lost. To help with this we will:

  1. Create an “eat now” area of the fridge. I saw this a while ago on My Year Without Spending, and the idea stuck. It will also help the good leftovers get eaten.

Now I need a “when and where” so this doesn’t get lost after I hit “publish.” So we will:

  1. Participate in Food Waste Friday. We clean out the fridge on Wednesday night to coincide with our garbage pickup. I’ll take a picture of the food that needs to be tossed and post it on Friday. This started with Frugal Girl, and I’ll be adding Les Ardoises to her Food Waste Blogroll on days we participate.




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