New Years, part two

January’s goal is in progress… and here’s the rest of our food related goals:

February and March: Plan Breakfast and Snacks

We don’t eat breakfast consistently. Our mornings consist of waking up as late as possible and flying out the door as fast as possible, so breakfast at home isn’t currently possible. Breakfast at work is possible, but it requires carting more food. My work bag is at capacity, so adding bfast and snack foods is difficult. So I end up not eating, my morning productivity takes a dive, and then I eat my lunch too early. Then I need more afternoon snacks to make it until our late (9ish) dinners). I hit up the vending machine probably once a week, which is once a week too many. We need to prioritize bfast and snacks and plan them like we do our dinners (and to some extent, lunches). I’ll continue tinkering with this during January, but February and March will be the real focus.

April: Less Time on Weeknight Dinners

We eat late because that’s how long it takes for dinner to be made. The time between when I come home and when we eat are my most productive home hours. I’d like to do more in this time and work on other personal goals (exercise, cleaning, hobbies, reading; there’s a lot that could go here!), so we need to spend less time on dinner. This project will likely take many months, or the whole year, but it’ll be our focus in April. Until then, I’ll try to keep track of how much time we currently spend on weeknight food prep, to create a benchmark against which we can measure success.

May: Food Budget

We have the luxury of not having to think before we spend on food. We don’t shop extravagantly, and we are frugal shoppers, but we’ll also buy splurges without much thought. I honestly have no idea how much we spend on groceries. Budgeting is another personal goal of the year, and so it makes sense to also work on the food budget. Leading up to May, I will be keeping a careful watch on our food spending habits. I’m sure there will be areas for improvement and we’ll focus on those in May.

June: Organize Recipes

Last Christmas, my brother and his wife bought me a cute recipe book that I couldn’t wait to fill in. I have dreams of recipe databases. I have drafts of all sorts of recipe indexes. Nothing is completed. This year it will happen! I will decide on a system, and finally work on it. June will be the month of recipe organization.

I can’t think past June, so July will be the time to stop and take stock. Perhaps we can do a 6 month review.

This is ambitious! I hope we’re not committing ourselves to too much…



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4 responses to “New Years, part two

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  3. Chicago Fans

    I was just re-reading some old posts and have to say that is the best looking crudite platter I’ve ever seen. Beautifully photographed and arranged! Let’s re-create it again this year.

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