Food Waste: France Edition

Neither of us are home, so there’s no home food waste to report, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been wasting food! I swear I’m always hungry when we go out to eat, but it’s impossible for me to finish my plate, especially when there are many courses involved! Sometimes, we just plain order wrong, and no amount of will power can get it down (or keep it there… ask us about the Andouillettes Incident of 2010).

So I have a question for you, dear reader… what do you think about restaurant food waste? Should we include it in our weekly public shaming (aka Food Waste Friday)? Or do you think we’re off the hook when it comes to eating out?



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3 responses to “Food Waste: France Edition

  1. Inge

    I voted, but can I also request that you never bring up Andouillettes again?

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