Eat Now

To help with food waste, we designated the top shelf in the fridge as the Eat Now section. The idea is that all leftovers, scraps, highly perishable foods will go up there so that they don’t get lost in the back of the fridge and go to waste.

As I said at the beginning of the month, the idea came from My Year Without Spending. From what I remember, she has kids and was trying to encourage them to eat leftovers.

For us, I’m not sure this is helping. I think the key to not loosing things in the back of the fridge is keeping the fridge uncluttered. It’s hard to see the things that have to be eaten if they’re being obscured by things that should’ve been thrown out a week ago.

Also, we don’t normally have a ton of leftovers. Th holidays were an exception. So it’s very hard to determine what goes on the Eat Now shelf. Highly perishable? But everything in the fridge is perishable… that’s why it’s in the fridge.

I think our best bet for minimizing food waste is to just clean out the fridge every Wednesday like we’re supposed to (it’s on the Wednesday night cleaning list, but oftentimes gets skipped out of laziness).

The month is almost over… does anyone else have good ideas on how not to waste food?



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6 responses to “Eat Now

  1. Mom

    top shelf is a great idea
    I put whatever needed to be eaten in attractive easy to open see-through container with the sauce already on top-it magically disappeared. I think the key was making it low effort for hungry kids…..

  2. Hungry adult kids need low effort, too 🙂 Sometimes, I think the answer is to just have a 2000 model year Jesse around.

    Mom, you wrap a lot of your veggies and salad in tea towels and fabric bags… how do you keep track of them all? You must be really organized!

  3. Inge

    One idea would be to leave room in your weekly meal plan for a catch-up day, where you make a dish using whatever odds and ends you have in the fridge that need using up and aren’t designated for another dish later in the week. If you didn’t want to plan a specific day for catching-up, it could be a floater or something. So, you’d plan 6 meals a week and leave one day for catch-up whenever you need it. Anyway – just an idea!

    • I like it. Sometimes that happens naturally — like last week, we didn’t have the roast beef on Thursday (what was I thinking scheduling a roast beef on a week night?!?), so S whipped up an asian noodle soup instead which was a great way to use up the red pepper and mushrooms left from the raclette party.

      It would be pretty easy to just schedule it out. Maybe once every two weeks would be often enough…

  4. M

    Since Feb is breakfast month – think omelets. You can hide a lot in there! Maybe not the ligonberry preserves…or the noodles…but just about anything else!

    • Way to tie in the Jan and Feb themes!

      I would never think to do an omlette on a weekday morning, but I guess they really don’t take long if everything’s prepped the night before.

      Now if only I had a skillet and a hot plate at work… I could make omlettes at my desk.

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