February Goal: Breakfast!

February’s goal is breakfast!

I’ve mentioned before that we generally don’t eat breakfast. It’s always been a very generic goal for us, like “exercise more”, but lately it’s become a very specific need for me. Why? I now have regular morning meetings. Never mind that my growling stomach is distracting (and embarrassing), I can’t concentrate!

To tackle this, I want to face and debunk my usual excuses:

1. I don’t have time! Or as S says, “I prefer sleeping”
True, the morning is a dash. True, we spend way too much time on food prep as it is. What’s false is that bfast is time consuming. A store-bought granola bar would suffice. Also, I don’t care if I eat at home or at work, so it’s just a matter of having something ready to throw in the work bag.

2. But my work bag is full
I usually don’t have much room in my bag for extra food, so I have a problem with carting even more tupperware on a daily basis. But who says I need to bring bfast food every day? On Monday I could bring a big bag of fruit, bagels and cream cheese, or other perishables. I could also keep a stock of pantry bfast food that would only need to be replenished periodically.  

3. I’m not hungry!
That used to be true. I certainly remember a time when a cup of coffee and a cigarette was breakfast enough. Over the years I’ve started waking up hungry, and coffee on an empty stomach just makes me feel nauseous. Our appetite has changed, but our habits haven’t kept up.

We’ll need some new strategies to tackle the habit. The first of which is to just plan the new meal. We’re already off to a good start. On Saturdays, I’ll do a weekly roundup of bfast; what we ate, how it went, and whether it kept us going until lunch.

For all of you regular breakfast eaters, what’s your motivation? Or is it just such a habit that you don’t give it another thought?



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6 responses to “February Goal: Breakfast!

  1. Craig

    B’fast has to be easy and quick, but also not garbage. I try to have a piece of fruit (usually a banana) and something else. If I’m in a sweet mood, granola bar or toasted cinnamon bread; if I’m in a savory mood, two boiled eggs (made the night before) or a cup of cottage cheese. I can’t be trusted to use heat in the preparation of food in the AM.

    Oatmeal and I have a love/hate relationship. I periodically fall in love with oatmeal believing it will make me a better person, but the prep and the taste cause me to hate it after a week. In the warmer times of the year, a fruit smoothie is great. The wife eats yogurt and berries every day.

    I have to confess that I will eat the same thing for breakfast for months and then suddenly breakup with it out of boredom. Your plan to have different b’fast foods each day is commendable.

    • We’re fickle hell cats. We (I?) get bored with food really quickly, so we need lots of rotation.

      Maybe we’ll find something that works so well, we’ll stick with it for a while. At the least, I’m hoping this month will give us a good bfast repertoire to rotate the rest of the year.

  2. Inge

    I can’t leave the house in the morning without having something in my stomach, even if it’s only a banana or piece of toast. The key for me is keeping interesting bfast food in the house that I look forward to eating. This usually means bananas and berries and some kind of delicious bread to have with butter and/or jam.

    Also, might I suggest Kashi Roll Bars? I just discovered them. The pros: tasty, very nutritious, full of protein and fiber. The cons: kind of hard to chew and a little pricey (almost $2 a piece). But they do keep you full. I can usually eat one for a lunch substitute while I’m working and not be hungry until 5 or 6 for dinner.

    I’m curious to hear what the rest of your readership eats for bfast…

    • I always have a cup of coffee before leaving the house, but rarely eat anything. Some mornings that combo means I can’t read on the metro and have to think stomach settling thoughts. It’s definitely time to change my thinking to “can’t leave without something in my stomach.”

  3. Becky

    Geoff and I are definitely cereal people. He usually has a banana, too. We both drink juice (him: V8 fusion, me: OJ). Sometimes I’ll have Cream of Wheat or oatmeal. I really like the McCann’s apple & cinnamon instant stuff. My local Giant doesn’t carry it. 😦 You might also try making steel-cut oats. They take about 25 minutes on the stove, but the texture isn’t mushy. You could make up a batch, then reheat through the week as needed.

    • Geoff always seems horrified (horrified!) whenever anyone mentions they don’t eat breakfast.

      Cereal would definitely be easy enough. I used to really like Safeway brand oatbran flakes for a snack. It sounds really boring, but they were super sugar coated.

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