Breakfast Roundup: Week 1

No pictures of breakfast from this week, but here’s some fruit we will be having for breakfasts next week (complete Snowpacolypse project #1, a banana cozy).

S had a short week, and I had some leftover oatmeal from last week, so we only had 4 weekday breakfasts to prepare. We each had two days of bagels and cream cheese and strawberry banana smoothies. I’ll evaluate each with this rating system:

**** Great! Easy, delicious, and filling. This is now a staple.
***   Good. There are some issues that may prevent this from being a staple.
**      Meh. It meets some of the criteria, but could take it or leave it. Doubtful we’ll try it again.
*        Never. Again.

Bagels and cream cheese ***
Although delicious, filling, and easy to prepare, the logistics are tough. We don’t have good access to acceptable bagels, and I never did perfect making my own. I also have work issues: cutting and toasting at work are problematic. So while this is probably one of my favorite foods on earth, a good weekday bfast it does not make.

Strawberry Banana Smoothies ****
Four stars with the caveat that cold winter mornings are perhaps not the best time to hold a cold yogurty drink. We used frozen strawberries that were picked over the summer for just this purpose, and they were so delicious. It also transports pretty well for me; I have a small Nalgene bottle that holds a perfect amount to keep me full until lunch. S can actually suck his down during his mad dash out the door. A big downside is cleaning the blender. We don’t run the dishwasher every day, so unless we’re only having one smoothie day a week, someone has to clean it by hand which, although really not that hard, is a huge deterrent.



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11 responses to “Breakfast Roundup: Week 1

  1. Ellen


    why does a banana need a cozy?

    also: mmm.. smoothies. my favorite one I make at work has mango, strawberry, (fresh squeezed) OJ and pineapple juice. and i usually throw in a scoop of vanilla gelato for good measure. it is pretty amazing. i haven’t made it a lot this winter tho because, well, its cold.

  2. Ellen

    also, i like reading your blog around Chris because he will (without fail) always look over my shoulder and then loudly pronounce the name “layz-ardwahsez!!” in a really absurd french accent. always.
    its entertaining.

    • Chris has awesome sound effects! He really missed his calling as a voice over guy.

      You homework assignment is to go buy a banana, toss it in your bag, and then look at it a few hours later. You’ll see why it needs a cozy. At least I hope the cozy will solve the problem….

      Oh, and you’re hired to come be our smoothie expert… your combo sounds super good.

  3. Inge

    Hahaha, your banana cozy is hilarious. How about some tiny grape cozies?

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