Snowpacolypse vs. Thyme

We needed thyme for dinner again. After all it took to get to it, I was glad to see it still alive.

Here’s the thyme tunnel from a little further back.

I had to dig a few tunnels to find it.

And that was after making it from the door to where I thought the garden started.



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4 responses to “Snowpacolypse vs. Thyme

  1. Inge

    All that shoveling and digging just for some thyme!

    • I hope I didn’t ruin it’s little protective igloo…

      It’s funny. My first tunnel hit the rosemary, which is also still living. I could tell when I hit it, because the smell immediately filled the tunnel. It was an olfactory equivalent to an overflowing oil well.

  2. Ellen

    oh man thats crazzzyyyyy

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