Breakfast Roundup: Week 2

First off, for food waste this week, I threw out a shallot that I found in the bottom of the spice rack. That’s not where shallots go, so that’s why it was forgotten. There’s also a tupperware of leftover chicken in my work fridge that needs to be tossed. It didn’t get eaten last Friday because of early dismissal, and then the next time I was in the office was a week later.

On to breakfast! The week was more like an extended weekend for me since I was home most of the time, so no plan was followed and I just ate whatever appealed to me. That aspect of being home was actually nice (some others, not so much). I ate egg sandwiches a few days, chocolate banana nut muffins were available for grab and go, and on my third snow day I made bagels. (See the previous Breakfast Roundup for the rating system.)

Egg Sandwich **** (weekend) ** (weekday)
Breakfast on the weekends is usually an egg sandwich. We’re late sleepers, and by the time coffee’s done, and we’re hungry, it’s usually in the afternoon hours so the sandwich is more like lunch. We spread dijon mustard on the bread (crusty bread, if we have it), and I shave parmesan cheese over mine. Sometimes we’ll eat it with a glass of whatever white wine is open. Even though it’s quick to prepare and eat, this is distinctly a loaf-around-the-house breakfast and not suitable for workday mornings.

Homemade Bagels ****
These bagels get four stars because they were better than the Wegmans bagels from last week (blasphemy, I know). So good, in fact, that they didn’t require any slicing, toasting, or spread. I think they turned out better than the last batch because I was careful to knead the dough longer.

Chocolate Banana Nut Muffins ****
Made from two ancient bananas in the freezer and the remainder of walnuts and bittersweet chocolate chips leftover from Christmas cookies. The Les Ardoises readership definitely has better muffin makers, but these were certainly respectable. They were hearty, portable, cleaned out some odds and ends, and the extras were freezable. That’s pretty perfect.


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