Meal Plan: February 13, 2010



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6 responses to “Meal Plan: February 13, 2010

  1. Inge

    I’ve noticed a lot more vegetarian meals on the ardoises lately — awesome!

    • You think? I usually try to have no more than 2 meaty meals a week, but I’ve never looked back to see what we actually do. Maybe we are eating less meat…

  2. Inge

    well, I don’t know what bobotie is, but if it isn’t meat, then this week you’ve got 6/7 veggie meals planned. But even if you only eat 2 meat dinners a week, that’s 5 nights veggie, which counts as a “mostly veg” household, I think.

    • bobotie is an african meat pie thingy. it was good… but a little weird.

      but yeah, i like the amount of meat we eat; a little bit, not everyday.

      • Inge

        oh, haha, I thought it was just a wierd way of saying bow-tie pasta. Very different! But bow-ties and greens would be good…

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