Breakfast Roundup: Week 3

I’m really glad we started eating breakfast; each week keeps getting better. Here’s week 1 and week 2.

Cherry Almond Granola ****
Ingredients: rolled oats, wheat germ, sesame seeds, almond slivers, unsweetened coconut chips, dried cherries, oil & honey.
These were all things I had on hand, so it made a great Snowpacolypse baking project. After it cooled, I put it in the freezer, and just take out a scoop whenever we’re in the mood. I have to remember to keep some granola on hand; cereal is ok, but I really like homemade granola.

Overnight Oatmeal ****
Finally! I used Alton Brown’s recipe, with just craisins. Adding half and half was strange, and it did look a little curdled in the morning, so next time that will be added after its cooked. I packed up a Tupperware, and it was still warm when I sat down to eat at my desk. The leftovers microwaved really well. This is really a standout winter breakfast that is extremely customizable.

I also really like slow cooking breakfast, so this is a potential gold mine of easy morning food. The 8 hours cooking time works so much better for me overnight than during the day, since I’m away from the house a lot longer than I sleep. I’ll have to consider that for dinners.

A note about the picture: I was using a really small ramekin, on the window sill for the good light. Chola jumped up to investigate what in the world I was doing, and to ogle the birds outside, revealing how small the granola dish actually is:




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4 responses to “Breakfast Roundup: Week 3

  1. Ellen

    That pictures is really awesome. Creepy Chola!

  2. Creepy and gigantic! And maybe hungry, herself. She definitely had bird on the brain when the shot was taken.

  3. Inge

    Best cat picture ever. Outstanding work. She looks like a giant! So, I’m thinking a food themed cat calander would be a very good idea.

  4. Ha! For December, Chola licking sugar cookies. For March, she can eat some Irish soda bread (she’s such a carb fiend). Ice cream in August. Turkey in November!

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