Breakfast Roundup: Last week!

We ended our official breakfast month on a pretty positive note.

Fruit Salad **
Fruit salad is delicious, don’t get me wrong, but man is it a pain. It takes a really long time to cut up a pineapple and canary melon (similar to a honeydew), and late Sunday night is not a fun time to spend hours chopping. Also, it takes a really long time to eat enough fruit to be full. That’s fine for mornings where I’m sitting at my desk, but that doesn’t fly for meeting mornings. I like the idea of having a big bowl of fruit in the work fridge, but there should be something else for breakfast.

Breakfast Burrito ***
Flour tortilla with black beans, corn, scrambled egg, salsa, sour cream, and crispy lettuce. Everything was pre-cooked, and assembled in the morning. I thought this would be quick, but the assembly was just too long. Batch preparation and freezing might be a solution. It was good; the ingredients could use some tweaking. Best of all, though, it was filling. This has a lot of promise; does anyone have any bfast burrito tips?



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6 responses to “Breakfast Roundup: Last week!

  1. Ellen

    if there are any ways to turn b-fast burritos into an easy grab and go morning food, let me know!
    i figure making them at night, wrapped in foil or whatevs, keeping them in the fridge and then zapping them once you’re ready to eat is the best way. but i don’t do this often so i dont know how it turns out.

    • In a Mark Bittman book, he says to do exactly that, except make a whole bunch at once and freeze them. The problem is non-freezable, or non-reheatable fillings, like lettuce and sour cream. I suspect avocado would also fail.

      Maybe bfast burritos could be satisfying with just freezable, microwaveable fillings… Bittman suggested throwing in whatever leftover veggies, grains, or beans hanging out in the fridge.

      If you try it out, let me know!

  2. Inge

    Well, you can easily pre-make burritos and freeze them to reheat whenever. So, why not just have a bean burrito for breakfast? Who says you have to have egg in it? Seems odd to freeze scrambled eggs.

    • I guess that’s true. Maybe I’m overthinking this.

      So what do you put in your regular burritos?

      • Inge

        Beans (refried or black), rice, corn, salsa, scallions. Seems like all of those ingredients could be frozen and reheated. You might want to pack small containers of extra salsa & sour cream for dipping. You sometimes eat breakfast for dinner, so why not dinner for breakfast!

  3. I think I read somewhere that its best to eat all your daily fat & carbs before 6am, or something ridiculous like that. So there are certainly some who advocate big dinner foods for breakfast. I could try that for July’s theme… but I might have a mutiny on my hands.

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