February Report Card: Breakfast

So I set out these goals for the year. Every day we work on them, and every week I look back and see how we did, but I think we need an evaluation with a longer view. The weekly reports are focused on the specifics, but don’t address how the overall goal progressed (or didn’t).

For example, our January goal to waste less food had lackluster results. We probably wasted less food than we did in December, but have we changed any of our habits or behaviors? Not really. In fact, I became so disinterested with the goal that I stopped posting about it. If I had done a report card for January, I probably would’ve given us a D, at best.

So how did February do? Much better! Maybe it’s no coincidence that I’m starting the report card now, but I have to give us an A. My reasons for the high grade:

1. We ate breakfast every workday this month. Granted there weren’t that many (only 14.5 for me), but this is a huge step up from our regular 0 days/month.

2. Our breakfasts were varied. This wasn’t a criteria at the outset, but having two different planned breakfasts every week has given us an arsenal of several foods that we know will work with our schedule.

3. We have changed our habits. I’ve stopped bringing coffee to work! To make room for an extra Tupperware of bfast food, I’m leaving the big thermos at home. I get plenty of coffee at home, my bag is lighter, and I’m enjoying drinking more tea at work.

In retrospect, the Feb goal was much more clearly defined with more measurable goals; eating breakfast everyday is much more measurable than “wasting less food.” It’s also a more positive goal; isn’t it easier to do more of something than less of something? 

This is really exciting. I feel very positive about enacting a small and lasting change in my life by simply thinking about it for a month. No doubt some of our other goals will be more difficult, but this is a great (delayed) start to the year.



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3 responses to “February Report Card: Breakfast

  1. Mom

    A and S,
    That’s great that breakfast is part of your everyday routine! And you’re right — adding a whole meal is more definable than demonstrating less waste.
    Either way thinking and writing about both is way cool. . . mom

    • It’s been a really positive change, and I’m happy how it’s turned out. This past week I made overnight peach french toast bake and it was great! It’s the same recipe I did for Christmas, but I actually followed instructions and it was much better.

      Thanks for the encouragement!

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