March Goal: Snacks

March is supposed to be snack month. How’s that going? The fact that it’s March 18th and this is the first I’ve mentioned it should give you some indication. For 2 and a half weeks I’ve been procrastinating thinking about it and writing about it. It’s been hanging over my head, and I haven’t wanted to write about anything else, hence the light posting.

Tonight I decided I had to say something, anything!, about this month’s goal, so I went back and read the original planning post. After reading it, I have no idea why I procrastinated this goal so much. The goal was to have enough food during the day so I didn’t hit up the vending machine. That’s it. Ever since the New Years posts, I’ve been trying to subconsciously keep track of my vending machine visits, and I don’t recall any breakdowns. There was one bad day when I bought Indian for lunch, including samosas, but the vending machine has not seen any of my dollars.

Eating breakfast has helped, and I’ve tried to bring some specifically planned snacks. It’s been stressful to bring snacks that need any amount of preparation, though. Nuts, fruit, cookies, and other leftovers work. Preference is given for anything I don’t have to wash, chop, blend, cook, or mix. Extra points if it doesn’t need Tupperware and is compact and light.

I would still like to avoid buying unplanned food (vending machine or otherwise), so I’d like to come up with a way to help with that. Public shaming? Snack planning? Sheer willpower? I’ll have to ponder.



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5 responses to “March Goal: Snacks

  1. Craig

    You shall don a scarlet letter upon your chest! V for Vending. S for Snack. Take your pick!

  2. Inge

    Can you just plan to have a vending machine snack one day? At least then it would count as planned snacking. Otherwise, I suggest hommus and carrots, unless dipping is too much effort. You don’t have to make the hommus at your desk, silly!

  3. Inge

    or cheese and crackers? keep a box of crackers at your desk and just bring some sliced up cheese in a little zip-lock bag in the morning

    • That would be funny if I brought a food processor to whip up some hummus for my afternoon snack. (Mindy- I know what you’re thinking and don’t even say it!!)

      At the store this weekend I bought all sorts of things to bring to work: nuts, banana chips, cottage cheese (to have on rice cakes, of course). Ok, that’s it, but it’s still progress.

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