March Report Card: Snacks

(I can’t find any snack pictures, so these blueberry scones will have to do.)

How about an A- for snacking and an F for blogging about it? 

In retrospect, I think I haven’t wanted to write anything because there’s really nothing to say. Having snacks on hand is actually really simple. I don’t have to construct some elaborate plan. I don’t need to write it down. In fact, I don’t even need to give it much thought.

Are you ready for the secret to having snack food on hand? Buy snacks!  Over the past month I’ve been buying food (nuts, fruit, cottage cheese and rice cakes, bread sticks, banana chips), bringing it to work, and eating it. Revolutionary, I know. Just adding a few things to the grocery list has made the difference.

Don’t worry. April will be more exciting.


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