April goal coming soon…

Did you know that only about half of Americans report that they spend any time at all in daily food prep and clean up? And that their time spent is only a little less than an hour A DAY? Check it out.

What do people eat? How can you spend NO time doing any sort of food prep in a whole day? Even averaging our individual time use I think our household is abnormal.

I found this while researching for a post about our April goal of spending less time doing food prep and that little stat totally derailed me. I’ll have something up later this week!



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6 responses to “April goal coming soon…

  1. Craig

    Incredible. And nice use of BLS data!

    On a semi-related note, I want to plug Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution (Friday nights on ABC). Great show, if not a little sad. Google it to get details, but the main reason I mention this – other than to name drop and announce that I was standing behind Mr. Oliver in customs at Dulles yesterday – is to say that he wanted to prepare a meal at an elementary school cafeteria that required the kids to use knives. The lunch ladies told him that the kids don’t know how to use forks and knives (!) and that the cafeteria didn’t even have them on hand. Then it occurred to me that all of the meals that these kids eat in the school cafeteria don’t require silverware. Pizza, burgers, fries, and the chicken nugget are the cafeteria staples. Can’t blame the cafeteria necessarily if the kids aren’t learning to eat real food like real people at home. No food prep time = No real food.

  2. Inge

    I saw that episode, Craig! That’s awesome you saw him at Dulles. That’s a very cool brush with celebrity!

  3. I love that time use survey, but it’s a major time suck. They should have a reporting category of time spent looking at the time use survey.

    That’s so cool that you saw Jamie Oliver! I really wanted to watch his show, but I had some conflict the first night. I’ll have to try to remember this Friday.

  4. Craig

    It’s available on Hulu.com!

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