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CSA: Week 5

Time is flying by! This week we’ve been eating carrots, baby greens, beets, broccoli, cabbage, onions, garlic, basil, and I can’t remember what else.


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CSA: Week 4

Stoney Lonesome Farm, see previous weeks here.

Less variety, more quantity; broccoli, swiss chard,  baby greens, cabbages, basil, cilantro and dill, snap peas.

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Meal Plan: June 19, 2010

Finally a meal plan! Evelope fish is a tin foil pouch with a flaky white fish, fresh herbs (we’ll do dill and parsley), spices (paprika, s&p), and a drizzle of good olive oil. Seal it up, toss in the oven for 10 minutes or so (we’ll try on the grill tonight), and then serve individual packets right on your plate.


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CSA: Week 3

Week 3 was snap peas, baby lettuce mix, lettuce heads (bibb, butter, etc), basil, bok choi, spring onions, broccoli, and garlic scapes. Picture just shows a representative sample of our haul, and was taken by our summer intern!

Meals have been completely unplanned. We’ve decided this is unsustainable! Here’s what we’ve had, and a real meal plan is coming up:

6/6 Dukem

6/7 snap pea stir fry with noodles

6/8 leftover wraps


6/10 baked potato with broccoli

6/11 sushi take out

6/12 grilled shrimp and sausage over red rice

6/13 Vapiano

6/14 chicken Caesar salad (thanks for the recipe, Pete!)

6/15 leftover salad

6/16 broccoli, chickpeas, and tahini

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CSA: Week 2

We just picked up Week 3, but first I need to report Week 2! Veggies included snap peas, bok choi, romaine, butter, and red leaf lettuces, baby greens, braising greens, scallions, scapes, radishes. It was noticeably more than Week 1.

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Meal Plan: 5/27-6/5

Our new planning schedule and a few visitors have made our meal planning a little hectic over the last two weeks. It never made it to the ardoise, but we have been eating! Here’s about what we had:

Thurs 5/27: baby greens salad and leftovers

Fri 5/28: potato roesti and caesar salad

Sat 5/29: butter lettuce and arugula salad with crispy proscuitto, butternut squash soup (finally!) 

 Sun 5/30: grilled bok choi and asian flank steak

Memorial day: grilled half smokes and buffalo burgers, potato salad, baby greens salad 

Tue 6/1: chorizo sausages, swiss chard, and tatsoi over polenta

Wed 6/2: chikken tikka over salad with raita dressing

Thurs 6/3: braising greens omlette (mixture of baby cooking greens, like mustard etc)

Fri 6/4: Magic Gourd

Sat 6/5: Grill! asian portabello mushrooms, grill-sauteed zucchinis, eggplant, veggie dogs, tabouleh, salade de tomate, red leaf salad with strawberries, soy rice pudding

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