Meal Plan: 5/27-6/5

Our new planning schedule and a few visitors have made our meal planning a little hectic over the last two weeks. It never made it to the ardoise, but we have been eating! Here’s about what we had:

Thurs 5/27: baby greens salad and leftovers

Fri 5/28: potato roesti and caesar salad

Sat 5/29: butter lettuce and arugula salad with crispy proscuitto, butternut squash soup (finally!) 

 Sun 5/30: grilled bok choi and asian flank steak

Memorial day: grilled half smokes and buffalo burgers, potato salad, baby greens salad 

Tue 6/1: chorizo sausages, swiss chard, and tatsoi over polenta

Wed 6/2: chikken tikka over salad with raita dressing

Thurs 6/3: braising greens omlette (mixture of baby cooking greens, like mustard etc)

Fri 6/4: Magic Gourd

Sat 6/5: Grill! asian portabello mushrooms, grill-sauteed zucchinis, eggplant, veggie dogs, tabouleh, salade de tomate, red leaf salad with strawberries, soy rice pudding


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