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Meal Plan: July 24, 2010

Finally a meal plan! It’s only half a week, but that’s progress.


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CSA: Week 8

Using last week’s share we ate grilled zucchini, peanut cucumber salad, potato salad, naked pasta (fettucine tossed with cherry tomatoes and torn basil), and swiss chard and fennel bulb over polenta. We had a half ardoise up earlier this week which I’ll try to post soon.

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CSA: Week 7

This week we were much more successful having a plan in mind even if it never made it to the ardoise. I suppose that’s progress.

This picture is from last week’s pick up. No purple potatoes this week, but the red and white were quite good in the leek and potato soup.


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Meal Plan: June 30, 2010

Here’s a picture of broccoli rabe from the garden at the beginning of the season, and then the pasta that we had made with it. I miss the Spring… 

It’s been weeks now since we’ve updated the ardoise. I’ve tried to reconstruct what we’ve been eating, but it’s tough to remember that far back.

Wed Jun 30: fried rice and beet salad

Thu Jun 31: ?

Fri Jul 1 – Sun Jul 4: We were visiting my family. On Friday we had some fettucini pasta at my Dad’s. On Saturday we were at a wedding. On Sunday we had a birthday celebration for my Dad with a whole bunch of food.

Mon Jul 5: cream of leftover greens soup (mostly swiss chard with some golden beet greens)

Tue Jul 6: pasta primavera?

Wed Jul 7: S cooked, but neither of us recall what

Thu Jul 8: asian green beans?

Fri Jul 9: take-out sushi

Sat Jul 10: ?

Sun Jul 11: pizza. S notes that it was one of my best pizzas ever (it was pretty good). We intended to grill it, but it was too hot to grill… so we turned on the oven. Somehow that made sense at the time.

Mon Jul 12: tapas night! cold lamb loin with horseradish, garlic chili shrimp, new potatoes with garlic aioli, leek and potato frittata

Tue Jul 13: pasta primavera with garden green beans and cherry tomatoes

Wed Jul 14: cream of broccoli floret soup

Thu Jul 15: Brew at the Zoo!

Fri Jul 16: buckwheat pancakes with mango

Sat Jul 17: pizza night with Inge and J! zucchini and garlic pizza with a hearty salad. yum!

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CSA: Week 6

I’m a little behind with my CSA pictures. Here’s two weeks ago: potatoes, leeks, flowers, garlic, zucchini, candy onions, salad greens, and I can’t remember what else! Everything is really good – the potatoes, onions, and zukes were all very tasty. I’ll put up a menu (what I can remember of it) soon.


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Meal Plan: June 23, 2010

Here are some grilled piri piri shrimp and red rice from a few weeks ago. Both recipies are from Marcus Samuelsson’s African cookbook.

I missed putting up a menu again last week. Here’s what we’ve eaten:

Wed June 23 & Thu June 24: I have no idea! Maybe salads or omlettes?

Fri June 25: S had a work dinner and I cobbled together a sort-of a risotto style pasta primavera

Sat Jun 26: Grill! burgers and slaw

Sun Jun 27: Company for dinner! Carrot soup (with carrot greens) and basil/mozz/tomato panini

Mon Jun 28: BLT, garden cucumber and green bean salad

Tue Jun 29: yellow dal, broccoli greens, and kabob


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