Meal Plan: June 23, 2010

Here are some grilled piri piri shrimp and red rice from a few weeks ago. Both recipies are from Marcus Samuelsson’s African cookbook.

I missed putting up a menu again last week. Here’s what we’ve eaten:

Wed June 23 & Thu June 24: I have no idea! Maybe salads or omlettes?

Fri June 25: S had a work dinner and I cobbled together a sort-of a risotto style pasta primavera

Sat Jun 26: Grill! burgers and slaw

Sun Jun 27: Company for dinner! Carrot soup (with carrot greens) and basil/mozz/tomato panini

Mon Jun 28: BLT, garden cucumber and green bean salad

Tue Jun 29: yellow dal, broccoli greens, and kabob



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2 responses to “Meal Plan: June 23, 2010

  1. gcroft

    Yum yum, the prawns look fabulous!

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